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  1. Anita Cheesman

    Madeline’s Dogs and Babies class was a real eye opener for me. Although I am a dog trainer in addition to being a mom, Madeline showed me a different perspective on how my interactions with my baby and dog can really set my child up for success (or failure) in her future encounters with all dogs not just our own. I thought I had heard and read all the advice out there regarding dog and baby relationships, but the spin Madeline takes is new and fresh. It was not what I expected, but as I digested the information and my daughter grew older, I became aware of just how vital Madeline’s tips and point of view are in order to keep my daughter’s relationships with dogs harmonious and safe for both her and her canine friends.

    The most important lesson that I learned was how dangerous it is to “magnetize” your baby to dogs. We all want our children to love the family dog, but the way we tend to go about it can put the baby and dog in dangerous situations. There’s a better way to foster your child’s love for animals and Madeline gives clear real life examples that you can follow so everyone in the family feels comfortable and safe with each other.

  2. Sarah Surritt

    Everyone wants their dog to be part of the family and Madeline’s training methods and classroom teachings give clear, realistic approaches to help all new family members learn to co-exist in safe ways.

    What I really enjoyed learning was not only to think about the safety of the child but to learn about how to understand what dogs might be thinking and experiencing with such new changes, such as a baby, in their environment.

    As a mother of two young, active boys, and owner of a rescue dog, Madeline’s classes gave me the clarity of mind to help consistently manage and teach my children how to respect and interact with the family dog. At the same time her class gave me many tools to help my dog cope in a comfortable and safe manner as we all learn about one another with positive outcomes.

    I truly believe in the power of positive reinforcement training! Thanks to Madeline’s class and ongoing tutorials, I am now reaping the benefits with having consistently kept my awareness going with my children around dogs- both familiar and unfamiliar. Whether a dog trainer, educator, an expectant mother, a new dog owner or dog sitter, Madeline offers wonderful guidance on how to have each family member be successful both short and long term. It can be a win-win for everyone!

  3. Megan Phillips

    I loved that the focus of the Dogs and Babies class is on giving parents practical tools to establish trusting and respectful relationships between dogs and the new members of the family. Madeline’s class provides enjoyable games and exercises that liven up the serious and important work of keeping harmonious relationships in a hectic and changing home.

  4. Michelle Nadeau

    I want to thank you so much for letting us attend the class on Saturday. We learned SOOOO much and really enjoyed Madeline. Her knowledge and understanding of animals is exceptional and the information that she provided was so informative. I would and will recommend this class to everyone I know.

    Thank you again.

  5. Kristen M.

    With a baby on the way and having a dog that just does not know what a baby is, we signed up for Madeline’s dog and baby class. Her frank, poignant approach with a humorous flair got the crucial messages across to us; 1) the good dog curse 2) a child’s fascination with a dog must be fostered a certain way without alienating the dog and 3) your child must be taught to respect dogs as much as dogs must be taught to respect kids. Together they will develop a relationship but that relationship is not going to grow from parents forcing a child to love a dog and vice versa. I’m happy to say that with the advice from the class, our dog has a respectful, calm approach to our newborn! Without this class, we wouldn’t have been able to implement certain behaviors on our part to allow a smooth introduction and peaceful living arrangement between our dog and our new baby.
    our dog that was always uneasy around small children is completely calm with our new addition! Thanks Madeline and thanks for being absolutely hilarious!

  6. Autumn G.

    I took this class to learn how to prepare my dog, Snowflake, for the arrival of my first child. I have had and spoiled Snowflake for 6 years, so I anticipated that she would be very jealous of all the attention the new baby would require. Plus, she never really liked being around young children, and I wanted to take precautions to avoid a situation in which she felt the need to bite. I am so glad I took this class because there is so much to learn that is not common knowledge to the average person, especially when it comes to dog body language. Even if you already have a dog around children and have no concerns regarding your dog biting, there are still things that you can learn from this class because even good dogs are capable of biting given the “right” circumstances. I would have done so many things differently had I not taken this class, and in doing so I would have been putting both my dog and baby at risk. I am so happy to say that my baby is now 6 weeks old, and we had a very smooth transition in bringing her home. Snowflake has done so well, and it is because of what I learned in this class along with meeting with Madeline outside of class for a consultation and behavior plan. She taught me many great exercises to work on with Snowflake prior to the arrival of the baby and I use them every day. It has made a huge difference in the way I can get Snowflake to do what I need her to do without causing her to feel pushed aside. I could not have done it without Madeline! Snowflake is very greatful too!

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