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Dog/Baby Training in San Diego

The classes below are offered in the San Diego area and are taught by Madeline Gabriel, CPDT-KA.

I’d like to keep these classes as on-going options so people can join anytime, but I also like to switch things up to meet the needs of my Dogs and Babies class participants so feel free to let me know if there are options that are a better fit for you.

In addition, classes can also be tailored to smaller groups.  So, if you have other friends planning for life with a baby or meet up with other parents in play groups with similar interests, I can put together a class just for you and meet in your neighborhood!  (This is also a great option for extended family.)

Current options:

  1. Dogs and Babies – Play It Safe! (people-only class)
  2. Loving Life With Dog and Baby! (with dogs)
  3. Loose Leash Walking With Stroller (with dogs)

You can sign up for any combination of classes that meets your needs and take them in any order.  Sometimes, the hospital “Play It Safe” classes fill up a couple of months in advance, but you can still come get started with your dog in the other classes.



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  1. Stefanie Armstrong

    Hello, I was referred to you by Kindered Spirits and wished I would have taken the course at Scripps when I had seen it. Now I have a 6 mo. old and a 7yr old and a lovely Standard Poodle that is turning into a teenager almost 2yrs. old. I would love a private class if you offer that otherwise I would be interested in the group session. I would also try to attend a class. I am just hoping to get started with him as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to your response,


    • Madeline Gabriel

      Stefanie, I’m sorry I missed this comment the first time around and now it’s months later! Please feel free to call or e-mail if you’d still like to talk or make a plan for your family. I do offer private sessions and I can also provide book and video references and other trainer referrals if our schedules don’t mesh. Tell you what — to make it up to you, I’ll do a free session in exchange for taking some photos and video for my book project.

  2. Jan Gray

    Hi Madeline! Remember me from NC? I just ran across your blog. Awesome job!


  3. Lawerence

    Great job!!!!
    I have also a cute puppy and I want to train him myself. Any idea about that?

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