Learning to Live Happily Ever After


I started my original blog in 2010 and found myself writing article-length posts that quickly got “lost” in the depths of the blog.  My plan with this new website format is to better organize my material so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for and for me to add new articles. In the meantime, everything from the original blog has been carried over and can be found under the “Blog”  menu.

This particular section will be focused on dog training — how-to’s and tips to help you work effectively with your dog so you can enjoy your time together.

See also the “Other Resources” section for links to great information from other trainers (when added).

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  1. Marian Lyons

    I just started my own private dog training business, and I want to learn everything I can. So I thought his sight would be good. I ahve had questions about the dog, baby thing. But so far the quesitons are on about the situation after the baby is home.

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