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A Good Dog Is Not Enough – Free Class!

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in dog bite prevention, Life With Dog and Baby | 7 comments

Oops, now what?

Oops, now what?

“What Parents Need to Know About Safety and Friendship Before Baby Starts Crawling”

As part of the San Diego Humane Society’s events for 2013 Dog Bite Prevention Week, I will be teaching this FREE class on Saturday, May 25th from 12:00 – 1:30 PM at the central campus:    5500 Gaines Street, San Diego, 92110.  Class will be an excerpt from my 3 hour Dogs and Babies – Play It Safe! class and will include question and answer time.

Of course, if your baby is already crawling or even into the toddler stages, you are still more than welcome!  Babies can come, but it’s not a dog class, so please leave the pups at home.

The Big Message:  Dog bites to children are almost entirely preventable. 

So then how can it be that 50% of our children are bitten by dogs before turning twelve years old? It is because parents are not provided the information they need to identify predictable risks and opportunities during the period from pregnancy to preschool. 

Let’s learn and discuss:

  •  Why having a “good dog” may place your child at a higher risk of a bite
  • Crawling and toddling are big changes, even for a dog that is doing well with an infant!
  •  How to know and intervene while dog is just “a little bit” uncomfortable
  • Why it’s better for babies and dogs to be friends without having to touch
  • How to prepare your child for safe behavior around other people’s dogs
  • How to raise the odds that your dog will NOT react with a bite when startled
  • While serious bites and maulings are rare, do you know and avoid the typical scenarios?


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  1. Wendy Wahman

    Such an important point, and one most parents don’t consider, that of the child changing when it begins to crawl… then totter.

  2. Hannah

    Will the information provided in the seminar be made available elsewhere? it sounds like a great seminar but I’m too far away to attend!

    • Madeline Gabriel

      Hi Hannah, one of these days I am going to finish my book draft and lay it all out!! The class included a lot of info I’ve written on the blog over the years but I know it’s all pretty disorganized here. If there’s a specific part you’d like explained better, let me know and maybe I can write a more tailored post on that.

  3. Michelle

    Hi I am in N Y and would buy any DVDs or books you have on the subject of babies and dogs. We have 2 dogs and we love them, also have a 6 month old and want to make sure she never gets but or we know everything we can to prevent it.

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